We design new and innovative solutions for structural nodes and construction of castings, forgings, special production jigs and machines.


- create 3D designs and 2D drawing documentation in the innovative environment of Solid Edge

- deliver documentation standardly in printed form or in DWG, PDF and 3D PDF format

- make production documentation for service and reparation of partial machine elements and entire machines

- use reverse engineering to create spare parts 

- innovate existing structural nodes in use of unconventional materials

- procure 3D scanning of objects and equipment with high accuracy of up to 0.1 mm

- implement a new design into 3D scans

- perform laser setting up of machines and machinery with accuracy of 0.01 mm 

- design special jig products

- produce handling equipment

- offer construction elements and entire groups

- produce new machines, including electrical installations

- design hydraulic, pneumatic, and lubricating systems

- perform structural calculations using the finite element method, including topological and parametric optimization

- offer CFD simulation flow calculations

- pursuance of simulations of cyclic loading and assessment from the fatigue behaviour point of view of the structures 

- design construction of castings and forgings

- provide castings from cast iron, cast steel, stainless materials, and non-ferrous metals

- provide forgings from low, medium and high alloy steels 

- draw up feasibility studies of assembly and proposed service operations

- design production and assembly timelines

- elaborate assembly procedures 

- provide technical supervision and reconstruction 

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