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Selection of implemented projects

Pump breakdown

Parameters: pumped volume 36.7 m3/min, input 400 kW, runner diameter 480 mm. 

Description of the breakdown: The runner lock nut loosened, and the runner fell into the spiral case. The labyrinth and the runner were severely damaged. The spiral case was grinded through and the holder of the upper bearing housing was also damaged. The original labyrinths were replaced by a new stainless-steel design.

Repair time: 2 months. 

Repair of the runner of the water turbine - MVE Štětí

Parameters: turbine flow 150 m3/sec, output 3.3 MW, runner diameter 5.1 m. 

Repair description: Damage of the runner control mechanism and hydraulic motor and the labyrinth of the turbine. As a part of the repair were performed all NDT tests of the runner components, the runner blades were re-sealing, the turbine shaft inspection sealing was replaced. The delivery included the processing of finding reports, the assessment of the extent of the repair and the subsequent static balancing of the runner.

Repair time: 4 months (the action was realized during the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic). 

Machining of SR 2,000 x 12,000 lathe parts

The object of the cooperation was machining large parts of the lathe during its general repair.

Coupling replacement - MVE Vraňany 

Parameters: turbine flow 80 m3/sec, output 2.75 MW, runner diameter 3.35 m. 

The object of the repair was disassembly, finding report, machining, and reassembly of a new coupling, including its setting. 

Reconstruction of a production line for plastic spinning

The object of the reconstruction was development and subsequent production of complete cylinders with internal cooling, including supply of special wedges with steam supply, new housing for storing cylinders up to the final assembly in position and commissioning.

Implementation time: 10 weeks. 

Replacement of raw water pipes

Parameters: DN 1200, PN 10.
The object of the cooperation was development, strength calculations and a construction of a new solution for connecting three pumps to an outlet pipeline, including a technological procedure which was considering the critical time for the replacement of the entire pipeline. 3D scanning of the object was used during the preparations to create drawing documentation and to minimize the time required for assembly.

Changing time of the pipe: 96 hours. 

Special tool for cylinder machining 

The object of the contract was development and production of equipment for cantering and subsequent machining of cylinders with parameters: diameter 500 to 1,500 mm and length 1 to 10,000 mm.

Vortex turbine repair

Parameters: flow 1m3/sec, slope 2.05 m, output 13.7 kW, runner diameter 0.62 m

The object of the repair was a pair of turbines; focused on the reconstruction of the lower and upper bearing unit, change of the packing and repair of the coating system. 

Pre-assembly of a water turbine at the customer

Parameters: Flow rate 20.25m3/sec, nominal slope 19.81 m, output 3,541 kW, runner diameter 1.9 m.
The purpose of the work was an assembly of the runner, including the hydraulic piping of the distribution wheel, the static balancing of the runner, the assembly of the suction elbow and its supporting frame, and the assembly of the turbine plain bearing from the Thordon company. The object of the assembly was also performance of functional and workshop tests at the customer. 

Study to assess the residual life of the cylinder head

The object of the study was the assessment of the residual life of the paper roll lid. The cylinder lid had a crack, which was transferred to the FEM analysis and the residual life of the stressed component was assessed using harmonic analysis and evaluation according to the SN curves of the material.

Feasibility study of a suction cup insert

The purpose of the study was a design of a new concept of the suction cup insert, which would consider the requirements for performing NDT tests, coat repair, balancing during handling and the distribution for transport to the position.

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